The World Energy Atlas

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World LNG Map

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World LNG Map - March 2014

Image of Petroleum Economist's World LNG Map 2014 cover
  • March 2014
  • Scale 1:23 million
  • Size 1,260mm x 891mm
World Gas Map

The World LNG Map, now in its 14th edition, provides comprehensive snapshot of the world's LNG industry. It clearly flags the countries involved in both the export and import of liquefied natural gas, pinpointing the location and status of all international plants and terminals worldwide, along with detailed data, covering projects' ownership, operators and capacity. Contextual information such as regional trade flows, and country volumes are provided in clear tables, to aid interpretation of the geographic information.

The map features:

  • · LNG export plants and import terminals by status (operational, under construction, planned or proposed, speculative).
  • · For export plants the following information is provided: status, start-up year, operator, shareholders, capacity (m t/y), no of trains, process method, gas fields.
  • · For import terminals the following information is provided: status; start-up year (plus expansions, if any), operator and receiving source.

Tables show:

  • · LNG trade movements detailing exports and imports by country in Bn cm
  • · World trade detailing exports and imports by region in Bn cm from 2003 - 2012 including 2014 start-up projects
  • · LNG Vessel order book (2014 – 2017)

Inset maps show:

  • · Existing and future LNG exporting countries as at February 2014
  • · Existing and future LNG importing countries as at February 2014
  • · United States importing terminals and exporting plants by key states
  • · Qatar and UAE exporting plants
  • · Chinese importing terminals
  • · Southwest European importing terminals
  • · Japanese importing terminals
  • · East Mediterranean importing terminals and exporting plants


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